A bit of history

My Italian-American grandparents, Staten Island 1930

It all started from a passion for collecting vintage gloves. I enjoyed looking at old family black and white photos and loved how my Italian American grandmother wore her hat and gloves. Shopping at specialty boutiques and antique stores in search for vintage gloves, I then started designing new styles with modern cuts that fuse unique patterns and artwork- voilà Digee Pop!

Digee Pop is about reviving the glove fashion, adapting them to our modern life, promoting the artwork from independent designers, and having fun! Our pieces have a modern cut at the fingertips for a natural touch and feel. We offer a selection of colors and unique prints, so we hope you'll find a piece to fit your individual style and way of life.

I'm Martine, and I was born in Staten Island, New York. Though my roots are in California where I grew up living in different cities along the west coast from Monterey, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Today I live in France and would like to bring together these experiences, relationships and reflect them through Digee Pop's diverse collection!

Behind the name

Digee stands for taking care of your ten digits. Pop stands for designs inspired by Pop Art and Pop cultural trends. Have a Glovely Day with Digee Pop accessories!